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 READ REAd REad Read read!

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PostSubject: READ REAd REad Read read!   READ REAd REad Read read! Icon_minitimeTue Jul 17, 2007 8:55 am

These aren't my websites or anything, I'm gonna start saving up for the full pack of creative suite 3 by Macromedia, then I'll make the site.. But ok, here they are:

Here's a hilarious site that my favorite animator is the main animator in, watch the Cyanide and happiness cartoons and comics!

Here's the page for my favorite animators animation, watch the Joe Zombie movies! (1 and 2 aren't exactly amazing, 3 get's better, then it rocks).
Well I have to edit this, I can't get to the link because newgrounds is under construction.. But his name is Rob Denbleyker.
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READ REAd REad Read read!
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