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 Radish's Animations -+New+-

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PostSubject: Radish's Animations -+New+-   Tue May 06, 2008 6:46 pm

Okay, I hope this isn't against the rules. I decided to make a new topic for my animations because I have a whole ton of stuff I need to update and it would be alot easier to just do this instead of editing my old thing.
I copied this whole thing from my DD post so this should have my newest ones in it.

Okay here's my animations. I'll post more later

=My Good Animations=
Shadow Craze
Hover Board
Shooting Test Credits to Baha for the "come back here" animation

=Unfinished Animations=
Unfinished Battle I will finish it soon though Very Happy

=My Okay Animations=
Default Stickman Punch
Kick/Tremor Thing
Chidori Blowing up a Wall
3D Test
Energy Blast 2
Ninja Battle
Running Test
Energy Blast 3

=My Crappy Animations=
Beam Choke Thing
Energy Blast/Blood Test
Random Kills

My Bro for helping me get started
All those people who made the stick packs on droidz.
The people on youtube and darkdemon that made tutorials.
Forgot most of them but I give credit to anyone that helped me or that I downloaded stick packs or .stk's from.
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Radish's Animations -+New+-
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