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 The "Don't move the orange dot" Collab

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The "Don't move the orange dot" Collab Empty
PostSubject: The "Don't move the orange dot" Collab   The "Don't move the orange dot" Collab Icon_minitimeSat Dec 22, 2007 12:35 am

since this got locked at DD, i'll post this at every other forum im at

this is how it goes...

any rank can join

- the animation can be about anything involving a stickman, the only thing is... you can't move the orange dot on the stickman (you know, the thing that makes the whole stick move)
- however, other things besides ANY stickman may, be able to be moved with the orange dot

- the dimensions are 800 by 500
- at least 100 frames
- 10-15 people
- dead line is January 15 2008, subjected to change depending on the number of people who joined
- i will need 2 other flashers, just incase my computer messes up
post the gif & link in this thread (for movie maker) and yes this is going to be on youtube
- pm me the piv file, (so i can see that you didn't move the orange dot), don't worry i don't & won't steal

also, if you must know, eneptyj@yahoo.com is my email

ps: you might not see your name here because its mainly hosted at my own pivot base forum


- Throw88


_ Throw88

- Cardboard

- ~HeadHunter~

- PivotNoob

- Jaqcuez










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The "Don't move the orange dot" Collab
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